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3/4in RV Pex Pipe Alternative (Per Foot / Food Grade Silicone)


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StyYLLs RV Pex Pipe Alternative has been added to our catalog because we want to give a non-chemical leaching pex option to everyone looking for the best tasting water in there RVs.

Regular pex pipe leach chemicals into the water, especially if the water has been sitting in the pex for days and being heated or frozen by the extreme temperatures in RVs while not in use.

This reinforced food grade silicone hose will not fail under standard household water pressures and will never make water taste or smell like plastic. It is also more flexible and easier to install than rigid pex pipe. Another benefit is that even if water freezes in it, the pipe will not break. (We also have a heated silicone pex hose option as well for areas that see regular freezing temperatures, so your water system and pex fittings don't get damaged.)

You will never have the taste of plastic in your RV water again.

Use Lead Free Brass pex fittings to make sure no plastic comes in contact with your RV water, when connected to campground water spigots. If you also want to have plastic free tasting water on the go, ask about our all glass modular water tank system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are PVC pipes a good alternative to PEX for RV plumbing?

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipes are NOT a good alternative to PEX because they are glued together with harsh chemicals and if water is left in PVC for a long time, just like PEX it will leach chemicals into your water. (Especially, when PVC pipes are new, you can smell the chemicals in the water.)

What is CPVC piping, and how does it compare to PEX?

CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) pipes are a variation of PVC pipes that are specifically designed for hot water applications. Just like PVC, CPVC is NOT a good alternative for drinking water pipes because of the glue used to fuse them together and because of the leaching effect of the plastic pipes.

Is polybutylene pipe a recommended RV plumbing alternative to PEX pipes?

Polybutylene pipes were popular in the past but have faced issues with durability and susceptibility to leaks. Due to these concerns, polybutylene pipes are generally not recommended as an alternative to PEX pipes. They just like PEX also leach chemical taste and smell into water.

Are there any other emerging alternatives to PEX pipes for RVs?

Yes, reinforced food grade silicone pipes. They are more expensive but leach no chemicals and are the highest grade longest lasting pipes you can purchase for your RV.

What factors should I consider when choosing an alternative to PEX pipes for my RV?

Budget, compatibility with existing plumbing systems, local building codes and regulations, durability, lifespan, ease of installation, and the expertise of local plumbers.

Can PEX pipes and alternative pipes be used together in a RV plumbing system?

Yes, you can use both PEX and other pipe alternatives in any plumbing system.

What are the potential drawbacks of using alternative pipes instead of PEX?

Some PEX alternatives may not meet local plumbing codes and almost all other alternatives are more expensive.

Are there any specific maintenance requirements for food grade silicone plumbing pipe?

No, there is no maintenance required for Food Grade Silicone Plumbing Pipes.