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RV Trailer Solar Installation Santa Monica, CA

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RV Solar Installation
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RV Solar Repairs
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RV Solar Maintenance
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RV System Services & Repairs For All Of Santa Monica

We recommend mounting to a roof rack to give space between the RV and the solar panels to help keep the panels cooler and giving the RV natural shade from the sun helping to keep the RV cooler as well.

Inverter Installations
Solar Charger Install
Safety System Install
Wiring & Fuses
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RV Battery Power Storage Setup

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If you can be inside your RV as we troubleshoot over the phone and talk about the right setup to meet your needs, this is always helpful to get started.


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Call us and so we can talk through exactly what you are needing and how to best get you all the functionality you are looking for within your budget.


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After we give you a quote, give us a couple days and times you would be able to let us come install your devices and panels. 

Same Day Emergency Service: We can sometimes come the same day (Additional charge is applied)


We Set All Of Your Solar & Electrical System Up!

Option 1 (Lower Cost): We put a kit together of all the products and parts you need to install the system yourself. We create easy schematics to allow you to see pictures of the actual devices and wiring for easy to follow install.

Option 2 (Higher Cost): We come to you and install everything for you.

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Santa Monica RV Solar Repairs & Maintainance